The Story of Joe Frillio and Frillio’s Pizza

A long time ago in a small town tucked away in the pillars of Italy, a young boy named Joe Frillio had a dream. Joe Frillio dreamed that he would one day move to America and open one of the finest pizzeria restaurants. He would name his restaurant Frillio’s Pizza.

Joe is grown up now and has recently moved to the United States to a town called Saucy, which is located in the heart of California. Joe Frillio is closer than ever to achieving his dream of opening his own pizzeria. In fact, Joe has found the perfect location for his pizzeria, and the construction phase is complete.

Joe Frillio is anxious to open his doors for business as he looks proudly at the sign that reads "Frillio’s Pizza––Opening Soon." As people pass by the pizzeria, Joe envisions them as customers who he hopes will soon be dining in his restaurant.

However, before Joe Frillio can officially declare Frillio’s Pizza "open for business," he has one last task to complete. That’s where you come in. You see, although Mr. Frillio is an expert at cooking tasty pizzas, he knows very little about computer technology. Joe Frillio needs someone with exceptional desktop publishing skills to create, design, and print a wide variety of restaurant-related documents before Frillio’s Pizza can be declared officially "open for business."



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